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  Psoriasis Disease  

Psoriasis starts as red swollen marks above the skin which develop into silver coloured scales.Thus,scaling of the skin occurs.The word "psori" itself means itching.Psoriasis patients feel the need for itching,but not in the starting stages of the disease.It generally occurs in the later stages.

01. Reddening and swelling of the skin.  
02. Scaling of the skin
03. Cracking of the skin
04. Development of small marks on the skin surface.These marks then develop into boils.
05. Pain and itchy feeling in the boils;blood or infection in them.
Psoriasis may be found in any age group.However,for patients aged 15 to 25 years,this is found genetically.The sevierity of the disease is also high among this age group.Some may complain of joint pain.Yet some other patients may develop "psoriatic arthritis" with 6% joint pain.People above this age group are affected less severely.



Like other uncurable diseases,the underlying cause of this disease also is a mystery.However,the known cause is that the division of cells occur faster than usual in an uncontrollable manner.The cells which are supposed to be divided within 28 to 30 days are divided in a matter of 3 to 7 days.So the skin in that area becomes hard and scaling occurs.

The main cause of psoriasis is genetics.One in three people acquire this disease genetically.If one of the parents has this disease,the chances of it passing on to his or her child is 10 percent.But when both the parents have psoriasis,the chance of their child having it is 50 percent.Even when the cause is genetic,what usually triggers it are infection,some drugs or tension.

Infection through scars in the skin,throat pain,fever etc are the primal symptoms.Together with this,physical and mental problems,sadness,side effects of drugs given for hypertension,painkillers when taken orally in large dosages or when they are injected etc triggers the disease.
Smoking and drinking alchohol may make the disease more severe.If the patient does not quit these habits,the treatment will be much tougher

Climate is another factor.The occurence of this disease is more during winter
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