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Shanthi Psoriasis Hospital was founded by Mr. Jojo Thomas. He quickly assembled a talented and dedicated team for Psoriasis operations.  He recruited outstanding doctors and nursing and administrative leaders and created an operating culture that is dedicated to providing safe and compassionate care especially for psoriasis patients. Dr Sangeetha who has joined this hospital 4yrs before as C.O.O  As a team work of success Shanthi Hospital had received many awards and achievements like Nehru peace foundation awards, Sri Chithirathirunal Award etc. Now had all kind of the psoriasis treatments available at SHANTHI AYURVEDIC PSORIASIS SPECIALITY HOSPITAL.  This strengthened the institution’s presence in local and regional communities and resulted in unprecedented growth over the past 7 years. Since then hundreds of patients with different types of psoriasis and other chronic skin disorders like eczema, scleroderma, and pemphigus etc. all have been treated here very successfully. The treatment is done under the supervision of expert ayurvedic doctors. Diseases treated: It is the specialized hospital for the treatment of psoriasis and many other skin diseases. Along with that rheumatic conditions are also treated.Treatments followed: treatment is done on the basic principles of Ayurveda. Psoriasis is commonly treated with emollients to soften the skin. Other common treatments are preparations in outpatient department as well as IPD patients.

Dr. K.P.N. Nambootiri DAM [S.M.O]
Dr. Shivadas Warrierr [M.O]
Dr. Sangeetha Jojo [C.O.O]
Dr. Anisha V [M.O]
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