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Psoriasis hospital is an ayurvedic hospital which started operations in the year 2004. Since then hundreds of patients with different types of psoriasis and other chronic skin disorders like eczema, scleroderma, and pemphigus etc. all have been treated here very successfully. The treatment is done under the supervision of expert ayurvedic doctors.

What makes psoriasis hospital different?

We have an unprecedented success rate of above 95% in the treatment of skin diseases especially psoriasis. The specific medicines given from the psoriasis hospital are prepared in the hospital exclusively for consumption here and not available anywhere else. The medicines we provide here purify the liver and blood and also remove the poisonous substances from the skin. By the application of a medicated cream and subjecting the patient to steam bath the sweat pores are opened which aids in the sweating of the patient. The procedures mentioned above helps in purifying the body from all the poisonous substances accumulated from previous lifestyle of the patient. Then the patient is massaged with oil which helps in controlling the scales and preventing the appearance of new lesions. Depending on the patient and his /her response to the treatment, slight variations in the medications may be made as and when required by the doctor. The exclusive medicines available here along with the various other treatment procedures, strict diet control, and jovial atmosphere go a long way in making the treatment a success. The patient is provided with facilities like games like carom, chess, badminton along with TV and video to keep him/her relaxed, as a tension free and pleasant mood is needed for the success of the treatment.

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